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The fire drill of Aeinsen is in progress. Aeinsen Front-line Employees Takes the Training of Fire Safety

Due to the important of safety acknowledge, on August 17, 2021, Aeinsen company invited firewarder, Mr. Wei , from the Municipal Safety and Fire Fighting Center to hold fire drill and training of fire-fighting equipment for the front-line employees of Aeinsen's production.

Combining with fire cases , such as buildings,manufacturing base and electrical equipment fire cases, firewarder Wei explained in detail the basic knowledge of daily fire-alarm management, daily inspection, evacuation and escape, emergency, and the how to use of fire equipment correctly. In this fire drill, we've learned safety issues in our work and life.

Through this fire drill and safety training, the fire awareness and fire-fighting skills of front-line production employees have been further improved, and has laid a solid foundation for the company's safe production.